Ondine to survey 200-turbine array offshore Ireland, part of 15.5 GW wind portfolio

Irish marine and aerial survey company Ondine has been awarded aerial baseline and geophysical investigation survey contracts for the Lir Offshore Array located off the east coast of Ireland.


Survey works commenced in March 2022, utilising the multipurpose vessel Kommandor Iona and the Ondine Aer, Ondine said.

Lir Offshore Array will comprise around 200 wind turbines with a combined capacity of around 2,000 MW.

The project, located predominantly off the coast of counties Louth and Meath, will be developed in phases.

Source: Tethra

Site A is located within the 12 nautical mile (NM) limit and will comprise turbines installed on fixed-bottom foundations.

Site B is situated beyond the 12 NM limit and will comprise turbines installed on floating foundations. Site A and B are separated by a shipping lane.

”Ondine is proud to be working with the Tethra portfolio on this exciting ORE project. Survey works have commenced, we are seeing top-quality data flowing from the assets. We wish everyone involved a safe and successful project,” Scarlett Mummery, Ondine’s COO, said.

Lir Offshore Array is part of the wider Tethra portfolio comprising six large-scale offshore wind energy sites located around the coast of Ireland and within the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone.

The projects are named Aniar, Lir, Tulca, Rian, Voyage, and Haven. The combined capacity of the six projects is around 15,500 MW.

The portfolio consists of sites both inside of 12 NM, as well as outside of 12 NM. The sites within the 12 NM limit are planned to be developed first.

All early-stage planning work has been completed and all sites have corresponding Foreshore Licence Applications with the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government to carry out the required survey works, the developer said.

NOTE: The original article has been amended. The combined capacity of the six projects is 15.5 GW and not 22.5 GW as initially stated.