One more Songa Cat D rig in BOP ordeal

Songa Offshore, an offshore drilling contractor, has informed that another one of its Cat D drilling rigs has experienced blowout preventer (BOP) related operational issues. 

According to Songa Offshore’s January fleet update, the company’s Cat D drilling rig Songa Equinox performed weather related repairs until January 12, 2015, when it returned to operations. However, this was not the end of it for Songa Offshore’s first Cat D rig delivered in June 2015.

From January 22, the rig experienced further unplanned BOP related downtime.

The company did not reveal further details about what happened, but it did say that Songa Equinox was back on operating rate on February 5, 2016.

Songa Equinox is working under an eight-year drilling contract for the Norwegian oil giant Statoil on the Troll Field, offshore Norway. The rig  achieved an operational efficiency of 46% and an earnings efficiency of 45% while working for Statoil.


Songa Endurance


In addition to problems with Songa Equinox, the drilling contractor also experienced problems with another one of its rigs, the Songa Endurance. Namely, this rig experienced BOP equipment failure while performing a final test on location the first week in January. Songa said that this was repaired during the month and the rig was back on operating rate on February 5, 2016.

Songa Endurance is also working for Statoil offshore Norway. The rig started drilling operations at the Troll Field off Norway on December 31, 2015, under an eight-year drilling contract.

The rig achieved an operational efficiency of 11% and an earnings efficiency of 11% for the month, working for Statoil.

Songa Offshore also informed on Monday that its fourth Cat D drilling rig, the Songa Enabler, was scheduled to be delivered to the company in late March 2016.

Offshore Energy Today Staff