Photo of Oosterschelde tidal power plant (Courtesy of Tocardo)

Oosterschelde tidal array resumes operations

The 1.2MW Oosterschelde tidal power plant, owned by Dutch-based company Tocardo, has resumed its full continuous operations.

Oosterschelde tidal power plant (Courtesy of Tocardo)
Photo of Oosterschelde tidal power plant (Courtesy of Tocardo)
Oosterschelde tidal power plant (Courtesy of Tocardo)

After announcing the acquisition of the Oosterschelde tidal power project in October 2020, Tocardo has been working to complete the commissioning and testing phase for the project.

On Monday, 1 February 2021, the Oosterschelde tidal power plant, made up of a platform featuring five T-2 Tocardo tidal turbines rated at 250kW each, resumed full continuous operations again.

“This impressive and iconic Netherlands infrastructure project clearly demonstrates the global potential of energy from water in harmony with the environment.

“For our clients we apply the learnings that we gain – tide after tide – from our showcase project at the Dutch icon the Eastern Scheldt storm barrier. We have seen the impact our technology has, and we believe that – working in partnership with QED Naval and HydroWing – we can and will change the world for the better”, Tocardo said in a statement.

To remind, Tocardo was acquired by QED Naval and HydroWing through joint venture they formed back in January 2020.

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The Oosterschelde Tidal Power Plant is installed on one of the sluice gates of the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier, with the potential of scaling up.

It serves as an international showcase for the tidal energy sector and climate adaptation solutions, combining clean energy production with existing infrastructures and making efficient use of scarce land area.