Operations for Costa Concordia Departure in Progress

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With the arrival of the Porto Santo ferry, operations to disconnect the mooring cables that connect the Concordia to the towers on the shore side are in progress.

Operations for Costa Concordia Departure in Progress

Preliminary activities for Concordia departure maneuvers have begun at 6 am. 

Operations are planned to be completed in about 4 hours. The wreck will be disconnected from the towers and connected to two tug boats at bow.

After Concordia departure, environmental monitoring will continue in the upcoming days. The activities for the environmental remediation will start immediately, with the seabed assessment, the removal of the towers, and the first tests on the removal of the grout bags used to create the false seabed on which the wreck laid before the refloating.

The Concordia refloating was completed yesterday afternoon.

Press Release, July 23, 2014; Image: The Parbuckling

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