OPT expands industry reach with new products

Illustration/PowerBuoy as a power source and communication platform for electric power trees operation and management (Image: OPT)

Ocean energy solutions provider Ocean Power Technologies has expanded its suite of products to include subsea batteries and a hybrid PowerBuoy – both complementary to company’s core PowerBuoy wave energy technology.

The move to expand the company’s suite of complimentary products has been reinforced by the customer demand – aligned with OPT’s goal to expand the industry reach, according to New Jersey-based technology developer.

George H. Kirby, President and Chief Executive Officer of OPT, said: “These new product offerings provide OPT with the means to better serve customers by expanding its product and service offerings.

“Our new products, subsea batteries and the hybrid PowerBuoy, along with our existing PB3 PowerBuoy and backed by our existing support services, provide more comprehensive solutions that can meet the needs of more customers requiring reliable power and communications in their subsea work across the globe.”

Subsea batteries create a sea floor energy storage solution for remote offshore operations. These subsea batteries use lithium ion batteries to supply power that can recharge subsea equipment, sensors, communications and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), and electric remotely operated vehicles (eROV).

OPT’s PB3 PowerBuoy is complimentary to subsea batteries by providing a means for recharging during longer term deployments, or the batteries can be used independently for shorter term deployments, according to OPT.

The second product – the hybrid PowerBuoy – is planned to be a smaller liquid-fueled surface buoy, with significant energy storage and capable of providing reliable power in remote offshore locations.

It is primarily intended for shorter term deployment applications such as eROV and AUV inspections and short-term maintenance, topside surveillance and communications, and subsea equipment power purposes.

OPT’s core PowerBuoy technology uses ocean waves to provide clean electric power and real-time data communications for remote offshore applications in markets such as oil and gas, defense and security, science and research, and communications.