OPT’s PB3 PowerBuoy marks operational milestone

Ocean Power Technologies’ (OPT) PB3 PowerBuoy ,operating in the Adriatic Sea, has surpassed 600 days of continuous operation for Eni’s Phase 1 resident autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) project.


The PB3 PowerBuoy continues to validate its durability as a proven marine power asset,” said George H. Kirby, president and CEO of OPT. “The Adriatic Sea mission exemplifies the PB3’s capabilities in real-time and is an ongoing testament to OPT’s ability to deliver established technologies, constantly reinforcing our standing as a leader in offshore power solutions able to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Initially leased by Eni in 2018 for an 18-month mission to convert wave energy into electricity for powering underwater vehicles, the PB3 PowerBuoy lease was extended in March 2020 for an additional 18 months.

To date, this PB3 PowerBuoy has produced more than 2.7 MWh since it was deployed. The power takeoff (PTO) – OPT’s patented wave energy conversion system that converts ocean wave motion into rotary motion to drive a generator – has made more than 3.5 million cycles. 

Over the past four years, OPT has put several PTO systems through both ocean-based and factory accelerated life testing, accumulating more 40 million cycles among them.