Orbital Seeks Lead Partner for Tidal Energy Project

Scottish engineering company Orbital Marine Power has issued a tender call to appoint a lead partner to support the delivery of its Tidal Energy Turbine project.

Orbital O2 Project; Illustration Purposes Only

A 2-year contract will see the lead partner provide both project management support to administer the project and manage subcontractors, and engineering support to help develop the individual innovations.

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate is January 27, 2020.

O2 2MW Floating Tidal Energy Turbine Project

Orbital is also pushing forward with its O2 2MW floating tidal energy turbine project.

The O2 tidal turbine is an optimised version of Orbital’s SR2000 turbine. With an ability to generate in excess of 2MW the O2, like the SR2000 before it, will become the world’s most powerful tidal turbine when it enters operation later in 2020 at European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney.

Orbital has already awarded overall build O2-contracts to ACMC for the composite blades, SKF for the power trains, O2 platform manufacturing contract to TEXO Group in Dundee and an anchors contract to FAUN Trackway in Anglesey.