ORE Offshore Introduces New Configurations of BATS USBL Systems (USA)

ORE Offshore (an affiliate of EdgeTech) announces three new configurations of their underwater acoustic tracking systems.

The bundled USBL systems are based on the Broadband Acoustic Tracking System (BATS) product line. These specially priced solutions, configured specifically for: Shallow water, Mid-water/mid-range or Deepwater/long-range, makes it easier for the users to select and deploy a complete underwater positioning system.

The turn-key systems provide user-friendly software and motion reference units (MRU) specifically developed by the company to optimize the cost and performance necessary for underwater positioning and tracking.

ORE Offshore is a leading manufacturer of highly accurate acoustic underwater positioning, navigation, and control products. ORE was founded in Cape Cod over 40 years ago and is now an affiliate company to EdgeTech Marine. ORE Offshore is loosely divided into two principle areas of operation – The Command and Control Product Group, and the Underwater Positioning Group. With its worldwide network, ORE Offshore serves and services customers including survey firms and the oil & gas industry, research institutions, the US Navy and navies on every continent. The company maintains engineering and manufacturing staff in two locations: Wareham, Massachusetts and Boca Raton, Florida.

Source: edgetech,May 23, 2011;