Oregon LNG to Export to Non-FTA Countries

Oregon LNG to Export to Non-FTA CountriesOregon LNG has received authorization from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to countries that do not have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the U.S.


This approval allows the largest Asian buyers to purchase from Oregon LNG, which already has authorization to ship to any of the twenty nations with which the U.S. has a FTA.

“Oregon is one of the nation’s most trade-dependent states, with trade supporting almost 500,000 Oregon jobs in 2012. The Oregon LNG project will strengthen Oregon’s overall economy and its position in international trade,” said Peter Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of Oregon LNG.

The $6.3 billion project will create more than 3,000 direct construction jobs with specific amounts of project spending to be directed towards small, local businesses.

More than 150 workers will run the plant on an ongoing basis, and the Oregon LNG project will create more than 1,500 additional indirect and induced jobs in the region.

The project has filed an application at FERC and is currently under NEPA review. Final approval by FERC and DOE, as well as other approvals, are necessary before the project can commence construction.

Canada’s National Energy Board recently authorized Oregon LNG to source from Canada, the majority of the natural gas to be exported through the proposed terminal, which means that the Warrenton facility could be operated with little or no impact on the price or supply of U.S. natural gas.

The site for Oregon LNG’s export terminal is adjacent to the federally-maintained Columbia River shipping channel, located on an existing man-made peninsula that has long been reserved for use by heavy, marine-dependent industries.

Press Release, August 1, 2014