OSIL’s Giant Piston Corer Gains Interest, UK

OSIL's Giant Piston Corer Gains Interest, UK

OSIL are reporting widespread high levels of interest in relation to their Giant Piston Corer, which provides the only way to retrieve core samples up to 30m in length from sediments at full ocean depth.

The Giant Piston Corer is capable of achieving varying core lengths of up to 30m in soft, cohesive sediments and muds, owing to its modular core barrel (individual tube lengths 6m). The increased penetration depth of the Piston Corer has made it one of the basic tools used in the study of marine sediments. Piston core samples are longer, less disturbed and more complete than those from gravity corers.

The system is robust and easy to use. The corer is lowered to the seabed, where the programmable acoustic release mechanism triggers the final free fall penetration to obtain a core sample, assisted by the adjustable weights in the core head. The action of the piston reduces internal friction and prevents plugging.

The system is manufactured from carbon steel, with an internal core diameter of 111mm. The system is supplied with PVC liners to aid core removal. The system is suitable for a variety of applications, including geological studies, marine chemistry, sedimentology, exploration & the study of ocean floor processes.

Press Release, September 27, 2013


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