Otech Marine Nets Songa Offshore Deal

Otech Marine Services has entered into a 5+5 years contract with Songa Offshore.

According to the company, the contract covers the inspection, maintenance and repair of hull and related components including valves, thrusters and anodes of the Songa’s CAT-D units in the Barents Sea and the North Sea.

“Potential value of the contract is considered major for Otech,” said managing director Morten Emil Sørenes.

As Norwegian news website Sysla informed, the agreement includes four CAT-D rigs namely Songa Equinox, Songa Encourage, Songa Endurance and Songa Enabler.

For the work that will be carried out subsea, the company plans to deploy divers. The agreement between the companies will provide work for between 10-15 employees.

Subsea World News Staff