OTS Takes Part in Costa Concordia Removal Project

OTS Takes Part in Costa Concordia Removal Project

The Concordia shipwreck shall be parbuckled – a term for “rolling over” a ship – using the synthetic Dextron 12 Plus fiber rope, produced by the Norwegian company Offshore & Trawl Supply (OTS), as an important component of the parbuckling system.

The synthetic fiber ropes are manufactured at the company’s factory in Norway. The ropes are covered with the unique patented OTS Protective Jacket. This patented protective cover was essential for getting the delivery, due to the position of the ship being capsized onto the side of a reef.

This is the largest single order in the company`s history. We are very proud to be part of this prestigious operation in collaboration with several international companies,” said project manager Vebjørn Løviknes.

Titan Salvage LLC, a multinational salvage company, along with Italian JV partners Micoperi srl, an international service provider to the Offshore Oil & Gas sectors, are responsible for the Concordia removal operation.

The fiber ropes will be installed in an arrangement, responsible for turning the ship into position to make the refloat of the shipwreck possible. A large crew, consisting of over four hundred specialists, work 24hrs every day with the operation. The project is estimated to cost more than 400 million dollars.

OTS, March 26, 2013