Otto Energy Wins Service Contract 73 (Philippines)

Otto Energy Wins Service Contract 73 (Philippines)

Otto Energy Ltd, has been formally awarded Service Contract 73 (formerly Area 7) under the Fourth Philippine Energy Contracting Round.

The award of this service contract is a reflection of Otto’s significant expertise in the Philippine oil and gas industry.

Otto will now commence a program involving the reprocessing of existing seismic data with a minimum financial commitment of US$0.5 million within an initial period of 18 months.

Otto Chief Executive Officer Gregor McNab said: “The addition of this new exploration acreage is consistent with our strategy to build an integrated exploration, development and production company focused on South East Asia and East Africa. Service Contract 73 has the potential to restock our existing, high impact, exploration prospect inventory.”

Service Contract 73 is an offshore block located in the southern part of the Mindoro Basin – Cuyo Platform, a continental rift basin offshore the Philippines. It covers around 8,440 km2 with water depths ranging from 100 metres to 1,300 metres. There is an existing 2D seismic data set of over 3,000 kilometres covering the block.

The petroleum play types identified in Service Contract 73 are reef build-ups, fault blocks and anticlines. The reservoir intervals are Early Miocene to Pliocene carbonates and Early to Late Miocene carbonates and clastics. Source rocks are coaly and organic-rich claystones of Eocene to Middle Miocene. Middle Miocene carbonates and clastics provide the seal for the system.

Oil has been discovered with an Extended Production Test conducted in 1994 at the Maniguin wells near the block. The occurrence of oil seepages in the Mindoro Island region also confirms the presence of an active petroleum system in the area.


Press Release, September 03, 2013


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