Ouhua Lays Keel for China Navigation’s New MPV

Ouhua Lays Keel for China Navigation's New MPV

Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, a leading shipbuilding enterprise in Zhejiang province, announced that on November 14, the company successfully held a  keel laying ceremony for the MPV31-NB638 constructed for China Navigation.

The keel laying was held in No.1 dock and was witnessed by Volodymyl (representative of the ship owner), Guan Weiqi, Ma Liang, surveyor from LR and fabrication teams from Ouhua.

The company also announced that on the morning of November 16, MPV31-NB 643 constructed for China Navigation was successfully started in No. 5 workshop of Fabrication Dept. NB 643 is the seventh of eight vessels of MPV31 series.

The ship owner, surveyor representative and employees from Commerce Dept. and Fabrication Dept. all participated in the steel cutting ceremony.


Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding, November 25, 2012