OWI-Lab to Share Its Knowledge at EWEA Offshore

OWI-Lab, the Belgian research, development and innovation platform for offshore wind energy, will be present with new insights during the next EWEA offshore conference in Copenhagen.

The team will present its latest insights with regard to the structural health monitoring of offshore structures and condition monitoring of wind turbine rotating components.

One of the main RD&I targets of the lab has been the development, testing and validation of innovative short- and long-term monitoring solutions for offshore wind turbine assets. There are four points that motivate this work. Performing such field monitoring campaigns is crucial to gain insights that:

1) Lead to a minimization of construction and installation costs for future offshore wind farms by design optimization.

2) Reduce the operation & maintenance (O&M) costs by improving maintenance tasks based on innovative decision support tools fed by relevant field data.

3) Lead to insights that mitigate risk and uncertainties which can decrease insurance costs for future offshore wind farms.

4) Lead to a calculation of the feasibility of life time extension after the service life of the installed assets.

OWI-Lab is working on all of the four addressed topics and will share it’s insights with the industry on Tuesday 10/03, during the session ’Turbine technology – Fixed to the seabed’ taking place from 14:30 till 16:00.

Image: owi-lab