PanGeo wraps up offshore gig at two Finland-Estonia links

PanGeo Subsea has completed cable depth of burial (DOB) surveys along the EstLink 1 and EstLink 2 interconnector cables that connect Finland’s and Estonia’s electrical networks.

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The Kraken Robotics subsidiary used its SeaKite remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) equipped with the patented Sub-Bottom Imager (SBI) to carry out the work.

PanGeo supported marine survey provider Arctia Meritaito onboard the research vessel (RV) Mintis to conduct cable depth of burial along the two interconnector cables.

The SBI produces a 3D acoustic image of the cable exterior to a depth of 5 meters below the seabed. It is non-intrusive, allowing the cables to remain fully operational during survey operations, PanGeo said.

The SeaKite ROTV has an integrated SBI, which is said to enable 3D acoustic surveys at speeds up to 4kts and allows the use of a much smaller survey vessel.

The 350 MW EstLink 1 HVDC link was installed in 2006 and crosses the 75-kilometer wide Gulf of Finland, reaching a maximum water depth of 100 meters.

EstLink 2 is a 650 MW, 145-kilometer cable installed in 2013 and is located approximately 70 kilometers east of EstLink 1.

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