Peab Bags Kapellskar Harbor Contract

Peab Bags Kapellskar Harbor Development Contract

Peab, one of the Nordic region’s leading construction and civil engineering companies, has been contracted to construct Kapellskar harbor. The client is Stockholms Hamnar by Kapellskärs Hamn AB and the contract amounts to SEK 200 million.

To ensure the shipping industry in the Stockholm region and to meet future traffic trends, volumes and vessel sizes the Port of Kapellskär now extends. The mission Peab received include an expansion of the port plan on 80,000 sqm.

We are very pleased to start the expansion and modernization of our harbour plan in Port of Kapellskär, for us and for our customers. Together with Peab and their solid construction experience, we have taken a major step towards a successful rollout,” said Tobias Kednert, Project manager at Ports of Stockholm.

One of the big challenges of this project is to port to operate in full operation during construction. It is a challenge for both us and our customers, but with good cooperation, we will solve it together,” said Anders Nykvist, Construction manager at Peab.

As community builders, we are proud to be contracted to construct Port of Kapellskärs harbor plan that helps to ensure shipping in Stockholm,” said Beth Larsson, Project manager at Peab.

Completion is scheduled for November, 2016.

Press Release, September 11, 2014