Illustration; Source: Petrobras

Petrobras reports excellent productivity from Jupiter test

Oil major Petrobras has completed the drill stem test in the area of the Jupiter discovery, located in the Santos Basin pre-salt offshore Brazil.

Illustration; Source: Petrobras

Petrobras said last week that the Jupiter drill stem test reported excellent well productivity with high CO2 content.

The Jupiter area belongs to the BM-S-24 concession, in which Petrobras is the operator with an 80 per cent interest. It was acquired in 2001 in partnership with Petrogal Brazil which holds the remaining 20 per cent.

Jupiter location; Source: Petrobras
Jupiter location; Source: Petrobras

Petrobras added that the drill stem test assessed the pre-salt carbonate reservoirs in the well internally called Apollonia – formally designated 3-BRSA-1246-RJS – some 295 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro, in a water depth of 2,183 metres.

According to the company, the results confirm excellent productivity of the well and that it was a carrier of condensed oil of very high added value, with high flows, which reinforces the potentiality of the area.

Since the fluid had a high gas-oil ratio and high CO2 content, it requires the application of innovative technologies for its commercial production.

For this reason, the fluid samples collected in the test will be used to validate the HISEP technology, developed and patented by Petrobras.

It consists of the separation and reinjection in the reservoir rocks, utilizing equipment installed at the bottom of the sea, of the CO2 existing in the oil produced.

The company’s HISEP is in the qualification stage and a pilot in the Mero 3 project is supposed to be installed in 2024 to perform longer-term tests, enabling a new concept of production development.

This technological innovation has the potential to enable the Jupiter production development pilot project, as well as other projects with high gas-oil and CO2 ratio fluids, opening a new exploration and production development frontier for opportunities in Petrobras’ deep and ultra-deepwater portfolio“, Petrobras stated.