Photo: Courtesy of PGNiG

PGNiG in record number of LNG deliveries to Swinoujscie terminal

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) has received a record number of LNG cargo deliveries at the Swinoujscie terminal, as the result of the intensification of LNG imports to strengthen Poland’s energy security.

PGNiG in record number of LNG deliveries to Swinoujscie LNG terminal
Courtesy of PGNiG

PGNiG said that as many as six loads of LNG were received in May at the President Lech Kaczyński terminal. The record number is the result of the intensification of LNG imports in order to strengthen the country’s energy security.

The gas carrier Gaslog Westminster called at the Swinoujscie terminal, bringing 73,000 tonnes of LNG. This corresponds to 100 million cubic metres of natural gas after regasification. This is the sixth delivery that PGNiG brought to the gas terminal in May.

PGNiG says it has never before received so many loads of LNG in one month. The total volume of May deliveries amounted to 0.45 million tonnes of LNG; 620 million cubic metres of natural gas after regasification. This means that in May, the amount of gas that was consumed by all domestic consumers served by PGNiG for about 2.5 months in the spring and summer period was delivered to Poland by sea.

Since the beginning of the year, PGNiG has received 20 loads of LNG in Świnoujście. This is 1/3 more than in the same period last year.

Increasing LNG imports is PGNiG’s response to the situation in the European gas market caused by Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine and restrictions on fuel supplies from the East.

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Intensification of supplies to the gas port is possible thanks to the expansion of the terminal carried out by GAZ-SYSTEM. From this year, the regasification capacity of the installation amounts to 6.2 billion cubic metres per year, i.e. by 1.2 bcm more than before. PGNiG, which has reserved the full terminal capacity, plans to use almost the entire available capacity of the installation this year.

In addition to six deliveries to the terminal, in May PGNiG also received a cargo of LNG at the terminal in Klaipeda in Lithuania. It was the first LNG supply for PGNiG to a regasification installation located abroad.

Thanks to the Poland-Lithuania gas pipeline launched in May this year, most of the cargo delivered to Klaipeda was shipped to the country after regasification, and the remaining part was sent to the market of the Baltic state.