PGS resuming Campos Basin 3D shoot

PGS vessel Ramform Titan will acquire Campos Basin 3D survey

Seismic contractor PGS said it will continue acquisition of the Campos Deepwater GeoStreamer X multi-client 3D seismic survey with multi-azimuth coverage.

In December this year, PGS vessel Ramform Titan will resume operations, to acquire an additional 8,400 square kilometres.

Ramform Titan will again be configured with 14 multi-sensor streamers, each 10.05 kilometres long, the largest spread ever towed offshore Brazil. This configuration minimizes the number of source points per square kilometer and also reduces the number of acquisition days. In addition, both these measures reduce environmental impact, PGS noted.

This survey will provide the first 3D seismic data over blocks offered in the upcoming 17th Bidding Round, now scheduled for October 2021.

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The Campos Deepwater GeoStreamer X project combines new and legacy 3D data, providing a step-change in image quality by delivering high-quality, long-offset, multi-azimuth seismic data over the deepwater portion of northern Campos Basin PGS explains.

GeoStreamer X Tailored for Campos

The program utilises the latest PGS acquisition and imaging innovations along with legacy library data. When completed, the survey will cover approximately 14 900 square kilometres.

The tailored acquisition configuration for this GeoStreamer X project will provide 10-kilometre long offsets to improve depth velocity modeling accuracy of the post-salt, salt, and presalt sections, facilitated by the use of PGS Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) technologies.

FWI modeling results indicate these long offsets will aid in derived velocity accuracy in the presalt section. These additional offset data also promise added angle range and improved signal/noise for seismic amplitude analysis and reservoir characterization. Multi-azimuth processing and velocity model building will improve illumination and image quality of the subsurface structures found within the presalt play in this portion of the Campos Basin.

Phase 1 full integrity imaging will be available Q1 2021, providing final multi-azimuth products over open Pre-salt acreage, including TTI Kirchhoff and RTM PSDM products.

Shallow hazard high-resolution pre-stack time migration products will also be available, to aid in shallow drilling hazard analysis, along with gravity and magnetic data for regional basin analysis and standard GeoStreamer field deliverables.

Fast track depth products from phase 2 will be available prior to the 17th bidding round.

Martin Melhuus, PGS VP Sales & Services for South America, said:

“We are very pleased for Ramform Titan to be back in Campos Basin. Despite the challenges of this year, the support of industry funding for this program shows there is strong interest in the potential within the Campos Basin.

“This is a strategic project in a core area where PGS fully utilizes its latest acquisition innovations in providing a step-change in data quality for the evaluation of the upcoming 17th bidding round acreage and greater Campos presalt play. Available fast-track results show great promise and reveal large presalt structures within the available acreage.”