PGS to Share Surplus Data with IMR Norway

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) has entered into a data sharing agreement with the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Norway for use of surplus data to improve understanding of the oceans.

In late March 2017 PGS announced its intention to open the Company’s surplus database for research on the ocean. The database has been built since the inception of the Company in 1991. Data recordings like temperatures and salinity through the water column, currents and weather observations are collected as a part of the seismic acquisition process in order to improve seismic imaging. This activity has created an extensive MultiClient data library with corresponding surplus data.

As a responsible company we are fully committed to minimize the impact on the environment from our own operations”, says Jon Erik Reinhardsen, president & CEO of PGS. “We will contribute where we can to increase our collective understanding and knowledge of the oceanic environment. I am therefore pleased to enter into this agreement with the Institute of Marine Research in Norway for use of our surplus database.”

“PGS surplus data gives us access to information through the water column, down to approximately 2 000 meters from many different places, which is valuable from a scientific perspective,” says Geir Huse, research director at the Institute of Marine Research. “We look forward to put these data sets into use. We are hopeful they can provide us with better insights and improve our understanding of the oceans.”