PHOTO: Nautilus Moves Forward with Solwara 1 Vessel Construction

Nautilus Minerals, the company behind Solwara 1 subsea mining project, informed that the thruster rooms have been lifted into position on the project’s production support vessel (PSV).

The PSV is to be used by Nautilus and its Papua New Guinea partner, Eda Kopa (Solwara) Limited, as the base for its seafloor operations planned at the Solwara 1 site in the Bismarck Sea.

The company also informed that the accommodation module construction is progressing rapidly with many blocks being assembled alongside the dry dock. The module is expected to be lifted onto the vessel by the end of the month.

Mike Johnston, Nautilus’ CEO said: “The company is very excited by the progress that continues to be made by the team at the Fujian Mawei Shipyard Ltd (FMSL) and Marine Assets Corporate (MAC).”