PHOTO: Olympic Bibby Named

The MT6021 Olympic Bibby was named in its home harbour in Fosnavåg, yesterday, by its Godmother Connie Brown.

Olympic Bibby is a Multifunctional Subsea Support & Construction Vessel, with diesel electric frequency controlled propulsion, azimuth thrusters and a system for dynamic positioning.

The vessel which has a lenght of 87.75 meters and a width of 19 meters, is heading straight into duty in the British sector of the North Sea after the naming ceremony.

As previously announced, Kleven build number 371, with OCV MT6021 design ‘Oympic Bibby’, has been signed to a contract with Bibby Offshore.

The MT6021 Olympic Bibby was developed in cooperation with Olympic, with the first contract at end of May 2013. Contract with Kleven was signed in November 2013, followed by 17 months of total projecting and building time.

The vessel has a 60 Ton AHC Offshore Crane with 2000m wire, with 99% compensation at 4.5m wave height & 200m water depth.

Furthermore, Olympic Bibby has a work deck area of 820 square meters, ROV garage for 2 Work ROVs and it can accommodate 68 people.

Howard Woodcock, Chief Executive of Bibby Offshore, commented: “Norway is a very important marketplace for us, and we are dedicated to expanding our presence and existing services in line with regional industry demand. The Olympic Bibby is a cost efficient vessel with capabilities that will help us achieve these objectives by further aligning the business going forward during the current environment.”

Arne Lier, Managing Director of Bibby Offshore AS, said: “We aim to further grow our capacity and presence in Norway by providing a superior service for our clients.

“By making our NORSOK compliant vessels available to the Norwegian market, we are working to ensure we have a range of assets capable of operating in this important new area, and becoming a partner of choice in the region.”

Bjorn Kvalsund, Executive Vice President for Olympic Shipping said: “We have developed a strong relationship with Bibby Offshore over several years. The name of our latest vessel is a true reflection of this relationship and we look forward to further strengthening our ties now and in the future.”

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