Photo: Image source: Niestern Sander

PHOTO: TSHD Charlock in Farmsum

Image source: Niestern Sander

Van den Herik’s trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Charlock is back at the Niestern Sander shipyard, in Farmsum, the Netherlands.

This week only some priority works will be executed at the dock location, after which the dredger will leaver for a project in France.

“Later on this year, we expect the Charlock back at our shipyard to finish the maintenance works,” said the company in their announcement.

The TSHD was built by Barkmeijer Shipyards and started her first assignment in March 2016.

Charlock’s first task included the coastal replenishment operations on the Dutch coast near Bloemendaal Zandvoort.