Piraeus Container Terminal at 3-Day Standstill amid Strikes

The Piraeus Container Terminal has been blocked for three days amid an ongoing general strike launched by Greek unions on Friday, including the Pan-Hellenic Seamen’s Federation.

What is more, all passenger traffic to and from all Greek ports, including the islands, has been suspended.

The strike is expected to last until Tuesday morning, 10th May and comes as a reaction to the Greek government’s decision to pass further austerity measures and pension cuts.

The Greek government is pursuing additional austerity measures in return for more bailout money from the EU.

As a result, all container vessels were prevented from berthing or leaving the terminal during this 3 day period, GAC Greece told World Maritime News.

The blockage at the container terminal, organized by Pan-Hellenic Crew Union of Towage and Salvage, has ended this morning and boxships are now able to berth and leave the terminal.

As informed, the strike did not have an effect on Thessaloniki container terminal.

Aside to shipping, public transport and civil service departments were also hit by the strike as unions headed to the streets protesting against the introduction of tax and pension changes.

World Maritime News Staff

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