Planet Ocean, Aanderaa Develop Special Quick-Clamp

Planet Ocean Ltd announced a collaboration with Aanderaa Data Instruments, Norway to offer the Quick-Clamp instrument mooring system as a standard option for SeaGuard® RCM.

Special Quick Clamp

A custom version of the unique clamp has been produced specifically for Aanderaa to allow use with Kevlar rope as well as stainless steel wires.  Quick-Clamp allows instruments to be rapidly fitted or removed on a mooring line saving time, and more safely either as the line winds on or off a winch, or by diver. An initial batch of 50 clamps have been delivered during Oceanology International.

Quick-Clamp is designed by the National Oceanography Centre, manufactured by ELKINS Oceanic Services and offered Worldwide by Planet Ocean Ltd.

SeaGuard® RCM has earned a reputation for high accuracy, extreme reliability and ease of use providing superior data quality for current measurements. Its multi-sensor capability offers measurements of additional parameters as CTD, O2, Turbidity, chlorophyll, CDOM, PAR, from tidal to hadal (1-11 000m) with several years’ deployment.

The Quick-clamp solution extends the SeaGuard® RCM mooring capability and offers an alternative for elegant and easy mooring without the need to break the mooring line.

Press Release, March 14, 2014
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