Planned operations to be performed on SeaGen

SeaGen, the first commercial-scale tidal stream energy system, will be under maintenance inspection on 15th December according to a notice to marines for Strangford Narrows area issued on 9th December.

SeaGen is a tidal turbine comprising of a central pile and crossbeam that holds the turbines at the extremities. When the crossbeam is raised above the water it presents a 43m wide obstruction in the narrows at a height of 5.9m from chart datum. The SeaGen structure is marked as an isolated hazard (red and black banded) and lit with a 4nm light with two rapid flashes every ten seconds.

The crossbeam will be raised for inspection and maintenance work on Mon 15th Dec. It is expected that the crossbeam will be raised for a period of 3 days and care should be taken when operating vessels in the vicinity of the structure during these periods.

For safety, it is requested that all craft keep a safe distance of at least 50m from the SeaGen pile whilst the crossbeam is raised. Vessel operators are respectfully requested to set an appropriate course at the earliest opportunity.

When the crossbeam is left up for any overnight period it will be flood lit with spotlights showing the extremity of the obstruction which protrudes 20m either side of the main pile.

Between 1st April and 30th September when the crossbeam is raised but the turbine is unmanned, the Cuan Rhib will be on standby to provide escort during daylight hours only, if requested.

Outside of those times an escort service can be provided on request with 48 hours notice.

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Press Release; Image: Marine Current Turbines