Polar Duchess in 3D Barents Shoot

Dolphin Geophysical, in partnership with TGS, is currently acquiring 4,100km² of Multi-Client 3D Broadband seismic in the Barents Sea.

The Polar Duchess is utilising 12 streamers and is working towards a planned completion date in June 2015.

The Ringvassøy survey will cover open acreage of the Norwegian APA 2015 as well as recently awarded APA 2014. Geologically it targets the region of the Ringvassøy-Loppa fault complex to the West of the Hammerfest Basin and East of the Tromso Basin.

The survey will provide regional broadband coverage and improve understanding of multiple under-explored plays in a frontier exploration area, including the Jurassic, Cretaceous and shallower Cenezoic. Past discoveries prove a working petroleum system in an area not previously covered by modern Multi-Client 3D broadband seismic.

The survey is designed to adjoin Dolphin Geophysical’s 2014 Gohta 3D survey, this will, according to the company, provide Dolphin with a seamless broadband tie across our Multi-Client library in the Barents Sea.

Dolphin said its broadband coverage will then stretch over 360km in distance, from the south-westernmost open APA acreage, northwards over 23rd round acreage of both the Loppa High and Maud Basin and onwards to the Wisting discovery.