Port of Dundee to Create Hub for Decom and Renewables Projects

The Port of Dundee welcomed the Scottish minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, Paul Wheelhouse, to the port on Wednesday to hear about the £10 million investment programme to create a hub for future North Sea oil and gas operations and offshore wind projects.

The minister was briefed on the £10m quay extension which will feature the UK’s strongest quayside, specifically designed to equip the port to handle the large scale loads demanded during both decommissioning and renewables projects.

Stuart Wallace, chief operating officer at Forth Ports (owners of the Port of Dundee), said: “We were pleased to welcome the minister to Dundee and it was a pleasure to brief him on the substantial private investment we are making at the port. Dundee is optimally placed to accommodate a significant share of North Sea decommissioning work and offshore wind projects due to its proximity to the North Sea, rail and road links, port facilities, its on-site supply chain and the city’s skilled workforce.”

Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Paul Wheelhouse said: “The decision by Forth Ports to invest £10 million in Dundees Quayside was a vote of confidence in the city and the wider area.

“The investment will deliver important infrastructure improvements, allowing Dundee to seize its share of the major economic opportunities which both decommissioning and offshore wind projects represent for Scotland. We have had significant success in the decommissioning market, particularly in well plugging and abandonment, and port investment such as at Dundee, positions Scotland well to maximize opportunities in disposal of the topside infrastructure.

“Decommissioning is a growing market, with spend forecast to reach £17 billion over the decade to 2025. The Scottish Government is determined to ensure we have the infrastructure we need to allow the world-class Scottish supply chain to compete for, and win, this new work.

“Our action plan and £5 million challenge fund will help ensure Scottish companies can do exactly that.”

The Minister was joined by MSPs Joe FitzPatrick and Shona Robison.