Port of Helsinki Applies for Temporary Court Order Against Finnsteve

Finland’s Port of Helsinki Ltd. has filed an application for a temporary court order against the port operator Finnsteve Oy Ab, a subsidiary of Finnlines Plc., in the Helsinki District Court.

Finnsteve says that with this application for an interim court order the Port of Helsinki is requesting a right to force Finnsteve to empty certain areas in the Vuosaari harbour which the port operator claims are essential to its business and operations, and to oblige Finnsteve to provide crane services on request by the two company-owned cranes to any third party designated by the Port of Helsinki.

The Port of Helsinki has not given any information showing that there would be any third parties in need of additional areas or crane services in Vuosaari harbour, Finnsteve says.

The temporary court order, if granted, would be in force until a final and legally binding judgement has been received in separate legal proceedings regarding the merits of the allegations made by the Port of Helsinki.

Finnsteve described the requests of the Port of Helsinki as profoundly groundless and against the terms and conditions of the 20-year lease agreement the companies signed in 2007.