Portugal: Sines Received 2.15 Million Tonnes of LNG Last Year

Sines Received 2.15 Million Tonnes of LNG Last Year

Portugal’s Sines liquefied natural gas terminal received 2,153,243 mt of LNG in 2011, according to the Sines Port Authority data.

The terminal, operated by REN Group, received one more LNG cargo in 2011, compared from a year before when it received 37 cargoes.

The Sines LNG terminal entered the first phase of its commercial operation in January 2004.

It consists of a docking station with a discharge capacity of 40,000 cubic meters to 165,000 cubic meters with an average discharge time of 20 hours, two storage tanks each having a capacity of 115,000 cubic meters and five open rack vaporizers for regasification.

The LNG terminal has a guaranteed (nominal) send out capacity of 600,000 cubic meters per hour (5.26 bcm per year), with a peak (interruptible) capacity of 900,000 cubic meters per hour, and is able to load up to 3,000 trucks per year.

LNG World News Staff, March 12, 2012; Image: REN