PPC-1 Cable Repair Almost Complete

TPG, an operator of PIPE Pacific Cable 1 (PPC-1) system stretching from Sydney to Guam, informed that the cable vessel started the repair work on the faulty cable.

Since the vessel, which usually conducts the repairs in the region, Ile De Re, is working on the repair of the Basslink cable, the company contracted another vessel to do the repair work on PPC-1.

As media earlier reported, the vessel on the job is Alcatel Submarine Networks’ cable vessel Lodbrog.

According to TPG’s latest update, the repair vessel has recovered the faulty cable and is in the process of completing the repair.

PPC-1 experienced the fault approximately 4,590 kilometers from Guam in early February. The nature for the fiber fault has resulted in an outage to the entire PPC-1 cable system.

Until the repair is complete TPG has in place international IP network resilience via alternative submarine cable systems including Southern Cross and the Australian Japan Cable system.

Subsea World News Staff