Protean Wave Energy Converter Designed in Detail

The detailed design of the Protean Wave Energy Converter (WEC) has been completed, Stonehenge Metals Limited announced this morning. 

Moore Commerce Pty Ltd has completed the detailed design of the 1.5kW peak output Protean device well within schedule and within budget, opening the way for preparation for the fabrication of the first 1.5kW device ahead of schedule, Stonehenge said.

To support its ambition to rapidly commercialise the Protean WEC technology, Stonehenge stated that it will continue its efforts to build local, national and international collaborations from both existing and new supporters of the Protean solution.

The company added that the opportunity to move to early commercialisation is built upon the goodwill that Sean Moore, the director of Moore Commerce, has built over the preceding years, during which the Protean technology has been tested and refined.

The future plans for the Protean WEC include the deployment of a pre-commercial demonstration of a dynamic, configurable and scalable power array prior to moving the technology into early commercialisation.

Image: Stonehenge