Provaris submits EPBC Referral for 2.8 GW green hydrogen project

Provaris Energy, an Australian developer of integrated compressed hydrogen projects, has lodged its EPBC Referral with the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) for its proposed Tiwi H2 project.

Archive; Illustration of the Tiwi H2 project; Courtesy of Provaris Energy

Provaris submitted the EPBC Referral, addressing any potential impacts to Matters of National Environmental Significance, including threatened flora and fauna, and migratory and marine species.

Provaris expects a decision within 20 business days on whether the action will require assessment and approval. During such time, a 10-day public comment period is anticipated and for the Commonwealth to liaise with the Northern Territory EPA (NT EPA) to ensure their decision-making processes are aligned.

Illustration of the proposed Tiwi H2 project. Courtesy of Provaris Energy

Provaris’ executive director and chief development officer, Garry Triglavcanin, commented: “The EPBC Referral has been prepared to demonstrate that the Tiwi H2 Project will be developed in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner, pursuing a minimal environmental and social impact. We look forward to the DCCEEW’s decision, expected by late November 2022.”

Provaris’ managing director and CEO, Martin Carolan, continued: “Provaris continues to advance the Tiwi H2 from concept design through to the phases of detailed design, engineering and approvals to ensure the project maintains its position as an early mover in the export of green hydrogen from Australia.

“We are now actively seeking partners for joint development of the project given the simplicity of compressed H2 offers a shortened development timeframe and lower project capital cost to export hydrogen into the emerging Asia-Pacific markets.”

Tiwi H2 project

Tiwi H2 is a 2.8 GW renewable green hydrogen project located on the Tiwi Islands, Northern Australia. 

It comprises the proposed development of a 100,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) green hydrogen production facility for export into the Asia-Pacific region.

A design concept study was completed in early August 2022, confirming the project is technically feasible for an integrated compressed hydrogen production and export project utilising proven technologies.

First hydrogen production and export is targeted for early 2027 (subject to successful offtake and final permitting requirements), for assumed 30-year project life.

The Tiwi H2 project will utilise a fleet of Provaris’ proprietary H2Neo GH2 carriers for distribution into Asia-Pacific energy markets, with the engineering and final class approvals on track for 2023.

The company estimates that 100,000 tpa of green hydrogen export could offset nearly 900,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum across power generation, mobility and industrial applications.

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