Photo: Courtesy of Prysmian Group

Prysmian ready to launch production for three German HDVC cable projects

Italian cabling company Prysmian Group has set up its organisation for the development of the three German power transmission HDVC cable projects SuedOstLink, SuedLink and A-Nord.

The production of the SuedOstLink HVDC cable system for TenneT is ready to be launched after passing the four-month testing programme, the company informed.

Prysmian will provide a ±525 kV HVDC P-Laser underground cable system, running on a route of 270 kilometres starting at the Southern Germany connection point at Isar, close to Landshut in Bavaria.

The solution is said to offer a power transmission capacity of over 2 GW on a single system for the first time. The company’s P-Laser cable technology based on HPTE (high-performance thermoplastic elastomer) cuts CO2 emissions in production by 30%, Prysmian stated.

In 2020, the company secured contracts with TenneT, Transnet and Amprion to provide cable technologies to transport the clean energy generated by the wind farms off the northern shores of Germany to the southern regions of the country.

With the aim of supporting projects execution, Prysmian opened three new regional offices in Bayreuth, Würzburg and Wuppertal and set up a project development and management team of over 200 employees.

“In executing German HVDC cable projects we put sustainability and safety at the forefront, through the entire life cycle of every product and all operations, from procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the finished project”, said Hakan Ozmen, EVP Projects BU.

In Germany, the company is working on BorWin2, BorWin3, DolWin3, HelWin1 and HelWin2 offshore wind farms as well as SylWin1 and Dolwin 5, currently under construction.

Recently, Prysmian set Climate Change Ambition and specific targets to accelerate the race to net-zero by 2040 and announced its new Social Ambition targets to be reached by 2030.

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