PSA Norway Discovers 17 Nonconformities During Rowan Stavanger Audit

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit activity with assistance from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, where preparedness-related factors were reviewed on board the Rowan Stavanger facility.


Rowan Drilling UK (Rowan) will operate the facility on the Norwegian continental shelf. The PSA’s activity was carried out as part of processing the application for an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the facility. The facility will initially be used solely as a living quarters facility on the Yme field, but will be used for drilling activities on the Norwegian shelf in the future.


The objective of the audit activity was to verify organisation, the management system and technical factors on the facility related to the emergency preparedness discipline against applicable regulatory requirements.


The audit identified 17 nonconformities from the regulations.

The nonconformities are related to:

– securing loose furniture and equipment in living quarters

– expertise, training and familiarisation in preparedness tasks and equipment on board

-marking escape routes

– emergency ladders to sea

– availability of equipment at fire stations

– emergency lighting

– rafts

– marking fire stations

– smoke diving equipment

– CO2 – fire extinguisher at helideck

– fire hose

– lifeboats

– lighting under evacuation and rescue equipment

– use of Norwegian in documents on board

– insufficient information bulletins on the facility

– lacking compressed air unit by entrance to radio room

– fire door to CCR


Source: Ptil, May 31, 2011