PSA Provides Diving Report for 2017

Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) Norway has published a report on diving in 2017.

There were no incidents, personal injuries or hazard situations reported in 2017, during saturation diving for petroleum activities.

There have been relatively few personal injuries associated with saturation diving as part of these activities in the last 25 years, PSA said.

The results are presented in PSA’s annual report from the DSYS diving database.

The report contains statistics and analyses based on data from the period 1985-2017.

Activity level

In 2017, the activity level for saturation diving was 15,568 man-hours in saturation, a fall of around 65 per cent from the preceding year and the lowest average activity level since 2002.

For surface-oriented diving, 406 man-hours in the water were reported in 2017, and no registrable undesirable incidents.