Putin pays visit to Russia’s super-shipyard

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Thursday visited the the Zvezda shipyard in Bolshoi Kamen, to review the progress of the country’s under-construction super-yard.

Once complete the shipyard will be able to build medium- and heavy-lift commercial vessels and marine equipment, oil and gas tankers, components for [floating] drilling platforms, supply ships and seismic vessels. However this will come gradually, as the shipyard is being built in three stages.

During the visit, Putin visited the hull production block, the basis of the first stage of the shipyard development, and attended the floating dock laying ceremony.

The first, start-up, stage of the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex includes the construction of a heavy outfitting berth for the production of medium-tonnage vessels and marine equipment.

Also, Igor Sechin, CEO of Russian oil company Rosneft which is taking part in the development of Zvezda, briefed Putin on the progress of the project. To remind, Rosneft has today ordered two offshore support vessels at the yard to provide the shipyard with the pilot workload. (More Here)

During his visit, the Russian president said that the growth of civil shipbuilding and the commissioning of production assets – is one of the strategic objectives with the aim of boosting the industrial capacity of the Russian Far East.

“Leading oil and gas companies, big business are keen to cooperate with Zvezda. The first contracts for the construction of ships were signed. This work, without any doubts, should be carried on, stable future demand should be created,”  Vladimir Putin said.

“We will primarily build vessels for domestic use, for offshore mineral projects in the Russian Far East and Arctic regions and for developing the Northern Sea Route as a global transport route. We know very well that not only Russia but also its neighbors have big plans for this route, which is the most efficient route for transporting cargo between Europe and Asia.”

Boost for oil and gas


The Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex is being built by the Consortium of Rosneftegaz, Rosneft, and Gazprombank.

Putin added: “I would like to say that the construction of this modern high-tech facility is part of Rosneft comprehensive strategy in the Far East, which aims to build up oil and gas production and processing facilities and also to support research, implement social projects and create infrastructure for quality growth.”

Following the first stage, the second stage of the Zvezda complex development will follow, which is to commission a dry dock and full-cycle production shops to build large-tonnage vessels and marine facilities.

And at the end, the third phase will be to put into operation production facilities for the construction of offshore drilling rigs and platforms.

Worth noting, during his visit to Bolshoi Kamen, Puting also raised a question of accommodation for the shipyard workers.

He said: “I would like to raise the issue of providing Zvezda employees with housing and social infrastructure. As has been already mentioned, the enterprise is expected to employ 7,500 people (which comes to 17,000 if we include their families), who will live and work in Bolshoi Kamen permanently. They must be provided with adequate housing, healthcare, educational, cultural and entertainment infrastructure.” 

Sakhalin contribution

Apart from ordering support vessels today, Rosneft also signed with Exxon Neftegas Limited a Joint Protocol on joint review of the new shipyard’s technical capability and development plans.

According to the document, the parties will exchange information on the Zvezda shipyard’s shipbuilding capabilities, on the Sakhalin-1 Project’s technical requirements for oil tankers and the Project’s future requirement for that type of vessels.

By signing the Joint Protocol, Rosneft begins implementation its intention to develop a manufacturing facility on the basis of the Zvezda for potentially participating in the renovation of oil tankers fleet of Sakhalin-1 oil and gas Project.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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