Qatar Petroleum hosts oil spill response demonstration for primary students

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Qatar Petroleum’s Offshore Operations Manager Mubarak A. Al-Hajri has welcomed students and teachers from Doha College Primary School who attended the oil spill response demonstration conducted by QP’s Oil Spill & Emergency Response Department.

QP hosts oil spill response demonstration for primary students

The demonstration, which was held at QP’s Ras Abu Aboud Beach Club, began with a briefing on safety guidelines and on what the students would be required to do. They then familiarized themselves with the Personal Protective Equipment worn by oil spill responders as the uses of the different safety clothing were carefully explained. This was followed by an inspection of the shoreline, during which the hazards on the location were discussed.

The students participated in a hands-on activity, wherein they learned about the functions of the various equipment used in the event of an oil spill. They were taught how to put together the different sections of a boom, which is used for surrounding and containing an oil spill. They also tried their hand in setting up and operating the skimmers, which are used to remove oil from the water, with the recovered oil subsequently collected in a storage tank.

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The demonstration concluded with a question-and-answer session to clarify any queries raised by the students and to further explain to them how QP is prepared to deal with oil spills that may occur in Qatari waters. At the end of the demonstration, the students and their teachers expressed their gratitude and appreciation to QP and to the staff of the Oil Spill & Emergency Response Department for raising their environmental awareness.

“Environmental protection is always at the forefront of Qatar Petroleum’s extensive operations in the oil and gas industry, and we were truly delighted to once again share with the students the various facets of our Oil Spill Management System,” said Ali Rajab Ashkanani, Manager for Oil Spill & Emergency Response at QP.

This was the fourth year in a row that QP has hosted an oil spill response demonstration for students of Doha College Primary School as part of their environmental education program. The first one was held in March 2011 and featured the participation of a total of 44 primary students.


Press Release, March 18, 2014


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