Real-Time Mercury Environmental Remediation by Eddy Pump

Eddy Pump Corporation, a California based dredge equipment and pump manufacturer, has just released this very interesting video about a real-time mercury separation and environmental dredge cleanup in Sacramento, California. 

According to Eddy Pump, this advanced dredge project used a live positioning system for super-accurate dredging.

Kevin Tweed, Marine Bay Services, said that “the purpose of this job was to do a pilot study for the separation of elemental mercury from dredge spoils in real-time, utilizing a 6-inch Eddy Pump dredge-mounted excavator attachment and a 6-inch Eddy Pump booster pump.”

The pump and cutter-head suction dredge work in conjunction to make this the optimal dredging system for handling compact material, highly viscous materials and pumping high solids.

This pumping system can easily pump slurry up to 4500-ft without the need for a booster pump, the company stated.