Regs4ships Introduces New DMR Product for Australia

Regs4ships launched the 18th flag to their Digital Maritime Regulations (DMR) product. From 18th February 2014 Regs4ships will be able to offer an Australian regulations product that contains all relevant flag state documentation along with digital copies of SOLAS, MARPOL and STCW, ILO Conventions and EU legislation.

Regs4ships Introduces New DMR Product for Australia

This new product will enable customers to have access to Australian Maritime Acts, Legislative Instruments, Marine Orders, Marine Notices, Forms, Guidance Notices and Fact Sheets.

Customers will also have the option to subscribe to additional IMO and International Regulatory Guidance, Codes and Conventions including the IMDG Code.

Regs4ships already supplies flag state regulations to the largest ship owners and managers globally.

“We have successfully targeted fleets flagged to 17 of the world’s most popular flag states and we are expecting to have as much success with our new Australian Digital product, the company said in a release.

DMR is recognised by flag states and the IMO as being digitally equivalent for the carriage of nautical publication requirements. It is a digital solution to enable those within the maritime industry to keep up to date with regulations and other relevant nautical publications.

DMR is available as a fully up to date online database. It is also regularly despatched in VD format to keep ships compliant with flag state carriage of nautical publications requirements.


Press Release, February 18, 2014

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