Removal Operations on Costa Concordia Resumed

Costa Crociere and the Titan Micoperi Consortium informed that removal operations on Costa Concordia wreck have resumed on Monday morning.

Removal Operations on Costa Concordia Resumed

The area of the diving accident that happened on Saturday is excluded from the activities due to investigation which is currently underway.

The diving operations have focused on water sampling, removal of debris on portside sponsons and preparation of the supports needed for the installation of two of the 15 starboard sponsons (S3 and S13).

Also on board the wreck the installation of the electrical-pneumatic systems for the functioning of the sponsons during refloating is underway.

The judicial authorities are also carrying out investigations of Vincenzo Cosentino’s diving station, crane and diving operations control room.

Due to the investigations, the removal of structural parts is suspended.

Subsea World News Staff, February 04, 2014;  Image: theparbucklingproject