Renewable Energy Representatives Struggle to Attract Big Companies to UK

Facing the lack of incentives that could attract and invite major firms to the North East, representatives of renewable energy manufacturers will attempt to influence the Secretary of State to take a desired action.

Former Energy Secretary Chris Huhne strongly believed last year that major companies would show interest in the banks of the River Tyne. He supported his believes by confidently relying on the intention of the Spanish energy firm Gamesa and GE to produce wind turbines in Tyneside. However, Gamesa has brought work to Scotland but not to Tyneside. It seems that talks about using Shepherd Offshore land or the former Swan Hunters yard now owned by North Tyneside Council reached difficulties over the inability of English locations to offer suitable incentives.

Upon pursuing efforts to stimulate major turbine producing firms to come to the region, the Department for Energy has emphasized that help needed for the industry is available, ministers granted enterprise zone status to sites along the North bank of the Tyne last year and regional growth fund cash for infrastructure work has been provided to prepare sites for new firms.

Even though general increase in other offshore industry jobs has been recorded, Mr. Huhne’s claim that it is not difficult to attract big name firms to the region could not be supported as it has been proved otherwise especially after Clipper Windpower revealed it would not be opening a factory in Tyneside.

Offshore Wind Staff, February 20, 2012

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