Jacket disposal; Source: Resolve Marine

Resolve Marine disposes of jacket offshore India

US-based maritime salvage company Resolve Marine has been awarded a contract for stabilization and disposal of an oil platform jacket off the west coast of India.

Jacket disposal; Source: Resolve Marine

Resolve Marine did not disclose the name of the client but did describe it as a “leading conglomerate”.

The company added that quarantine and travel restrictions along with an impending monsoon meant that its new response plan enabled teams in Singapore, United States, and India to use collaborative technologies for resource mobilisation and response activities.

According to Resolve Marine, in preparation for towing, on-site response teams conducted casualty inspections notating breaches in the buoyancy tanks that needed repair along with placement for a geo-location device and navigational lighting.

Sharing inspection and preparation details virtually with senior project members, the response team executed detailed breach repairs enabling them to dewater flooded buoyancy tanks.

Just as the impending monsoon’s effects began, the jacket was connected to the towing tugs and successfully transport to the disposal location.  

Following the recovery and disposal of the jacket, Resolve Marine teams demobilized from the area.

Rajesh Ramkumar, general manager of Resolve India, said: “The world was on lock-down and a storm was approaching, time was not on Resolve’s side.

Project teams not only rose to the occasion but they excelled integrating technology and experience to overcome a tight timeline and remote challenges”.

It is worth noting that Resolve’s successful project was completed just days before a powerful cyclone hit India’s west coast.