RINA Acquires Leading Materials Technology Centre CSM

Growing Italian engineering, testing, inspection, certification and ship classification group RINA has bought the major shareholding in Italy’s leading centre for innovation in materials technology, CSM.

RINA Acquires Leading Materials Technology Centre CSM2

The move strengthens RINA’s expertise in specialised steel processes and products, especially for the energy sector, and in innovative waste to energy conversion technologies.

RINA CEO Ugo Salerno says, “Bringing CSM into RINA is part of our long-term growth strategy of developing and widening our specialist competence. CSM’s very highly skilled engineers and scientists bring skill sets which complement ours and will enable us to grow faster in developing countries and in the offshore energy business, two areas of major opportunity for RINA.”

CSM CEO Mauro Pontremoli says, “Joining RINA gives us the financial platform and market outreach we need to deliver our skills and knowledge globally. We already earn 45 per cent of our revenues outside Italy and there is huge demand for advanced materials knowledge in the developing world, especially in steel and metal alloys processes and products. Working with RINA we can capitalise on our knowledge base, our over 800 patents and our innovative processes such as in waste-to-energy and in pipeline development.

CSM has a turnover of around Euro 30 million and employs around 300 people in centres across Italy. Its acquisition will boost RINA’s projected 2014 turnover to around Euro 330 million.

RINA Group, January 28, 2014