Rolls-Royce engines to power Havila Kystruten’s LNG ferries

Rolls-Royce said Thursday it won a contract to provide power and propulsion for four Havila Kystruten’s liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fueled Ro-Pax vessels.

From January 2021, Havila Kystruten will operate these four ships of Havyard 923 design on the coastal route between the cities of Bergen in south western, and Kirkenes in northern, Norway.

The Norwegian ship owning company has contracted Spain’s Astillero Hijos de J. Barreras shipyard to build two of the cruise ferries and Turkey’s Tersan yard to construct the remaining two.

Rolls-Royce said in it statement it would provide a fully integrated LNG power and propulsion solution to all four ships.

This includes two LNG fuel tanks with process system, and control and safety systems, four Bergen gas engines, main propulsion thrusters of type Azipull with permanent magnet drive motor, PM tunnel thrusters, and stabilisers of type Neptune 200.

The LNG fuel system from Rolls-Royce will supply Bergen gas generator sets. Each vessel will have two engines with nine in-line cylinders, and two with six cylinders.

The engines can operate on variable speed to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.