Rotork tech ordered for South Korean LNG terminal

Actuator manufacturer, Rotork, has supplied its tech for a liquefied natural gas terminal in South Korea.

Rotork tech ordered for South Korean LNG terminal
Courtesy of Rotork

The company noted that the actuators have now been installed as part of the site’s phase 2-2 expansion, with further electric and pneumatic actuators due for installation later this year.

The actuators have been installed on the terminal’s 32-inch main pipeline where they will perform an open/close function, which is used for the flow of both LNG and natural gas in its gaseous form.

As these fluids are cryogenic, absolute control over the pipeline is critical. In the event of an emergency, the flow can be cut off immediately by the fail-safe functionality of the GP pneumatic actuators.

Rotork noted that fail-safe functionality can be provided in either direction due to the spring-return module inside the GP range.

These are inherently safe due to the fact that they can only be removed from the centrebody once all of the spring forces have been released.