Royston overhauls engines on Seven Atlantic DSV

Power specialist Royston has completed work on the overhaul of diesel engines on Subsea 7’s Seven Atlantic diving support vessel (DSV).

Seven Atlantic; Source: Royston

Royston said that it serviced the generator engines onboard the 140-meter long Seven Atlantic, as part of a comprehensive refurbishment and maintenance program of the power plant.

The work by Royston saw the Wartsila W7L32 diesel generator no.5 disassembled to install new cylinder heads, air start valves, indicator cocks, injectors, and cylinder seals.

Relief valves, pistons and conrods, cylinder liners, bearing blocks, crankshaft, and turbocharger were all sent to company’s workshop for checking and essential repair work before being returned ahead of the final reassembly and inspection of the engine.

The company added that engineers also overhauled the turbocharger on diesel generator no.3.

Following completion of the servicing work, load testing in line with the engine manufacturer’s specification was also completed.

Shawn Doering, Royston’s service manager, said: “Our experience with the engine and vessel type ensured the work was carried out efficiently and effectively, enabling the vessel to return to sea-going operations as quickly as possible.”

Seven Atlantic’s power plant package comprises six Wartsila 7L engines. The propulsion installation runs on marine gasoil to provide power for propulsion, dive systems, crane activities, and other consumers.