Russia: Caspian Flotilla Combat Divers Conduct Underwater Training

Caspian Flotilla (CF) combat divers started phased underwater training at their basing sites. During the drills, servicemen will practice underwater anti-terror and countersabotage activities.

To protect approaches to base and perform visual surveillance, servicemen use different small-size vessels.

Every diver will learn fundamentals of mining and explosive techniques, usage of diving equipment, compulsory elements of special underwater acrobatics, gun and knife fighting methods.

At the final stage, CF frogmen will carry out qualification firing drills by special underwater weapons – SPP-1 pistol gun, DP-61 grenade launcher, and APS-55 assault rifle capable to kill enemy divers and pierce ship plating at the depth of 40 meters and distance of 10 meters. Destructive capability of this unique weapon is dozens times better on surface.

Subsea World News Staff , April 11, 2012;  Image: Rus Navy