Russia Drops First Criminal Charges Against Arctic 30 Activist

Russia has dropped the first criminal charges against Arctic 30 activist Anthony Perrett.

Dimitri Litvinov and Roman Dolgov Released On Bail

As Greenpeace reports, Mr. Perrett has requested an exit visa from the Federal Migration Service to allow him to leave Russia.

Anthony is one of the people who were seized when the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise was boarded after a peaceful protest at Gazprom’s drill platform in the Pechora Sea. They need exit visas because they were charged and then bailed inside Russia after they had been detained in international waters beyond Russia’s territorial waters.

The Russian Parliament approved an amnesty decree last week freeing defendants who have been charged with hooliganism. It therefore included the Arctic 30 – the 28 Greenpeace International activists and two freelance journalists, who were arrested at Gazprom-operated Arctic oil platform three months ago.

December 25, 2013; Image: Greenpeace


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